Popular country domains from #alexa top 1mil sites

Quick grepping for some popular country domains, today’s top 1 million sites by popularity in Alexa, surprising results. Added .com for comparison.

527289    .com
37614    .ru
35083    .de
20162    .br
19565    .jp
18927    .uk
12807    .fr
12723    .in
12246    .it
9971    .cn
4774    .mx
4728    .ca
781     .su
508    .ng

Somewhere in there there’s probably some correlation with the list of countries by number of Internet users. Or not. Or maybe some countries like to use national TLDs more than others.

Apparently, today there are more popular websites in the USSR (!) than in Nigeria, despite the fact that USSR has been dead for 23 years and Nigeria apparently is #8 in the world by the number of Internet users.

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